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Screencaps for Ep 4.15 added

I have just added the screencaps for Police Buff to the episodes' page. When Joey Lucero, who was involved in a store robbery and a shooting which led to the death of a police officer, is freed from detention due to lack of evidence, an obvious case of vigilante justice alerts homicide department. Due to evidence saying the killer was wearing a police officer's uniform, the initial investigation leads our two cops to frustrated men inside the police force, but when another (innocent) criminal who was just set free is also shot, everything gets more difficult. Mike and Steve smell something strange, and the fact that all the killed criminal were just set free in court trials makes them think about setting a trap. Supported by some advice from the department's Psychiatrist Dr. Lanny Murchinson, they can finally identify the killer - but Mike finds himself in a deathtrap.

Filming for this episode starts out at San Francisco City Hall where the trial against Joey Lucero is held. Doyle is working as a craftsman in the South of Market district, whereas his apartment is located in Pacific Heights. Same goes for Joey Lucero, who is shot by Doyle in the parking lot of the apartment building he is living in. Mike, Steve and Lenny are having lunch somewhere in the Industrial Harbor area which is difficult to identify. The same court room was used for the fake-trial against Steve but this time with an exterior still of the emblem of the San Francisco Police Department's headquarters building at 850 Bryant Street. We are also taken downtown when Maury hastles Doyle in a retail shop, and "El Cortez" hotel ist only five blocks away. In the final chase, Doyle and Stone are passing by the Golden Gate Park's entrance at 43rd and Fulton Streets before Doyle is booked. Also, this is one of the very few episodes so far in which several production stills of buildings were used (actual location unknown). These include the building which serves as 'KYOL' tv and radio station (actually we can read 'KBEX' on the building's sign which is a fictional radio and tv station that was used in several movies and tv series, so this still might have been lent from another series of that era) as well as a building that allegedly housed Williamson's apartment (Doyle's second - and innocent - victim in this episode). Both buildings might be located anywhere in California.

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