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Screencaps for Ep 1.03 added & Site fixed

Well, Christmas hit me for six so updates stalled for a while, and i came back tonight to find the screencaps pages were screwed! They weren't pulling in the php properly, because i am a chump. All fixed now, sorry for the hideousness.

And i've just added screencaps for '45 Minutes From Home', the third episode of the first season. This is only the second time i've watched this ep, and i'm still impressed each time with Windom's acting. I loved his character, and i especially love that the writers don't take it down the route of utter tragedy at the end. Makes a nice change after so much angsty misery-for-the-sake-of-it writing in alot of the modern shows i watch.

Screencaps & trivia added

I've added screencaps for The First Day Of Forever on the Episodes page (i completely overdosed on caps, for hosting reasons i'm trying to keep it to 50 per ep, and i couldn't get this ep lower than 90!) and also started to add some of the trivia i have been building to the Characters page. It's not completed by any means, as i've not worked my way through all the eps, and even those i've seen i need to go through again with a notepad. But you can see the start of the info, and i hope to come up with other trivia and information to list as i go along.

Site launched!

This site is now live! Information will be added daily, as I work my way through the episodes and get around to taking screencaps and gathering information on the characters. Let me know if there's anything missing that you want to see on the site.

Season 1 Volume 2 DVD released!

The second part of the first season is now available from Amazon US here, or click here to buy from Amazon UK (this is still the region 1 release, there's no region 2 release on the cards just yet). Visit the media page for images of the DVD packaging and discs, and for links to various online reviews of the release.

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